About The GreyStone Infra


The GreyStone Infra, is a forerunner in perceiving and executing a surplus of infrastructure and commercial projects. We completely focus on innovative design, superior standards of construction, customer service and Community values. GreyStone feels pride in proclaiming that we not only fulfill dreams of millions of individuals with our artistically designed residential and commercial solutions, but we also create memories.

With our innovative offerings, applaud professionalism and delivering quality products, we at GreyStone has been instrumental in calibrating the real-estate vertical and that has helped us to carve a special podium for ourselves, in the marketing world of real estate. Our each project is a showpiece in its category reflecting the highest standards of planning and construction analogous with very finest in the business.

We believe in building a long term relations, and the very first step in building a long lasting relationship is to follow transparency. This ethos has helped us not only to develop a long relation but a relation which is based on trust and that can withstand any test of time. GreyStone assures best-in-class design and top-of-the-line facilities that exude elegance and sophistication.

Our Vision

Our vision is to engineer top-notch PEB construction and real-estate ideas across various business lines and setting up standards of professionalism, morals, quality and customer service for the infrastructural and realty sector. The network will be a touch of class and design bringing in a gigantic difference to the way of visualizing living.

Our Mission

At GreyStone, we have undertaken a mission to improve the overall quality of life in form of world class industrail and commercial solutions, which not only offer the highest standards of living, but also offer the highest return on investing to our patron. Our motto is to provide an outstanding level of service and expertise in the infrastructure and real estate sector that is innovative and ambitious. GreyStone is dedicated to the highest standards, systems and performance necessary to fulfill all of your modern infrastructure dreams.

Our philosophy

We are known to be a skillfully managed organization with a stable and confident business model. We have shown an impressive compounded annual growth rate—even during difficult market and business cycles. And in the process of successfully negotiating changing conditions, GreyStone has created a brand name that stands for trust, reliability and innovation, across all our domains.
Our corporate philosophy - Innovation, Quality and Trust is known to be a workwise managed organization with a stable and confident business model.

Team members


Excellent team in your service.

Growing scale

120 %

Business daily growth



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We exist to:

  • Keep our clients satisfied.
  • our colleagues/ collaborators happy.
  • our staffs fulfilled and motivated.
  • our management proud and celebrated.
  • our brand competitive and progressive.
  • To achieve the above, we pride ourselves on these Values

  • We keep our promises – we walk the talk.
  • We are honest, trustworthy and ethical in our all actions.

  • We are research driven.
  • We give reliable information that help our clients make the right decisions.

  • Our clients are the driving force of our existence; keeping them satisfied is the fundamental reason for our existence.
  • We focus on opportunities where we can establish competitive advantage and deliver outstanding results.

  • We work together to achieve more.
  • We commit to achieving common goals.
  • We support one another.

  • We are quick to act and respond to our client’s needs.
  • We perform our duties without delay.

  • We are expert and adaptable to the varied needs of our clients.
  • We leverage on our collective strength to provide exceptional services.


Our leadership is dedicated to helping the team, client and our country understand and integrate responsible leadership at all levels.


Born 10 years ago, the company has become a global leader in less than 3 years by building some of the first prefabs houses in the world.


Raising the finance to build new factories or plants in global key areas and moving operations into more and more countries in the future years.


Research has an important part to play when developing building products. Construction market research is the key.